What You Get With A Zcode Membership – Long Term Graphs Look Good


After logging-in to the members area, you just get a quick welcome. There’s tutorials and videos you can watch.

The Zcode is broken down into sections including.


  • VIP Picks
  • Hot Trends
  • Power Ranking
  • Zcode tutorials
  • Bookmakers
  • Bonus Tools
  • Private Forum
  • Support

First go into the “Hot Trends” section.  The picks are based on the charts. You can see, if you follow their plays you will be winning. Your profits will depend on your wager amount.

There are some ups and downs, however the long term graphs are really good. My results are pretty much just like their results.

The VIP picks section is where you can follow the plays from experts.  These include 3-5 star plays where you can follow all the sharp money.  I don’t need to make my plays by myself anymore. No more searching on forms or guesswork. Zcode system provides all the info to you. If you follow the VIP picks or Hot Trends section, you’ll definitely be profiting.

Power rankings is a very interesting section.  It show you teams that are winning and losing – streaks.

The stats are back dated to 1999, so that’s important. The section on Bookmakers has all the info on bookies. The private forum goes into strategies and allows access to experts. The support staff is helpful and will get right back to you.

I’ve been following the Zcode system for a few months and it’s really profitable.  If you’re serious about investing this is highly recommended. I’ve joined and it’s been profitable for me. My plays are in the plus margin. I’m sure yours will be too if you follow the Zcode system. If you decide to join, you get access to all the sections.


Download The System, CLICK HERE.


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