Boyd Showing The Results Of The VIP Graphs – How Transparent Is This?


This is Boyd here and I want to show the favorite part of the Zcode system. As you can see, I just clicked on the hot trends tab.  This page basically shows the profit graphs for all the different types of bets that you could have placed using the system.  I click on the first graph and as you can see, it’s going on an upward slope.  This is very important as it shows that if you place bets using their picks, you would have made a substantial amount of profit over the long run.

If you look at all the other graphs on this page, the majority are going on an upward slope.  This show their picks to be accurate and doing what they claim to do.  There are many different types of picks – overs or unders.

If you look at the first graph, you’ll see that it isn’t continually rising.  There are sections where it does dip down.  This just shows that the system isn’t 100% accurate.  There are some people who place a bet and lose then automatically blame the system for the loss.  These graphs indicate that if you stick with the system and bet their picks, in the long run you will make a profit.

That’s why this is one of my favorite sections.  You can easily see which type of bet would be the most profitable.

Please watch the video…

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Boyd Showing The Results Of The VIP Graphs – How Transparent Is This? — 3 Comments

  1. You guys take Unders and overs into the system, that is a show of reason. Forex guys who are working on this system really have their discipline and strategy

  2. please i want to know the full details on how your vip system works and your trading guide and how much it cost….thanks

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